Carbon neutrality and doing business in a socially-responsible manner

At Van Geelen, we are conscious of the balance between the operating result and the environment. We reflect on our processes and look to the future proactively.

When setting up our processes, we continuously ask ourselves the question: what are the effects on the environment of the materials we use? And even more important: how do we reduce the burden on our eco-system?

The increasing urgency of sustainability problems is also accelerating the CSR-efforts amongst our partners. Consequently, there is more and more collaboration in this sphere.


Carbon neutrality: what is that?

A meticulous scan of our carbon footprint, based on the UN-approved GHG protocol, gives us insight into our CO2 emissions. Using this insight, we can minimise the emissions. Through the purchase of CO2 credits, which are deployed for certified energy projects, we can effectively compensate for the remaining emissions.

The realised reduction of CO2 is consequently equal to our production. Thereby, we comply with all requirements that are made on a carbon-neutral enterprise. We have the scan periodically updated so as to guarantee that we always supply our products to you in a carbon-neutral manner.


What are our CSR efforts?

Hiring is in essence already an eco-friendly business activity. But in the choice of our materials too, we try to burden the environment as little as possible. In our assortment you will only find articles made from high-quality materials. All our materials come from carefully-selected suppliers.

We try to extend the service life of our products as far as possible, through repairs, for example. After the service life of the material, the waste is reduced, separated and recycled as far as possible in our waste management plan.

By means of smart processes, optimal use of our transports and due to the central location of our warehouse, we can optimise our transport movements as much as possible.



For our staff, we have developed a good package of working conditions. We like seeing people enjoy coming to work. We achieve this by encouraging the development of our people, amongst other things, which results in them being better able to serve you. Naturally, we have an extensive package of aids at our disposal in order to restrict the physical burden on the people to a minimum. In this way we keep our staff healthy, and they are ready to assist you at the right moment.


What are the benefits for you?

By dealing with resources sensibly and by looking to the future, we are doing our bit for the environment. And in addition, it’s a welcome bonus that we can also keep our prices attractive. Add to this the efforts of flexible, experienced and extremely motivated staff, and you can happily entrust your project to us. Not only now, but in the future too. That’s Van Geelen.